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Dreamers/AB 540


Dream Act


How do I know if I am an AB540 student?

  • Read the following website. Click here.


California Dream Act

What is the CA Dream Act?

  • The California Dream Act is the name given to Assembly Bills 130 & 131, which allows some undocumented students to apply for and receive state-based financial aid and institutional scholarships. 


Does this mean financial aid is available for AB 540 students? How do I find the application

  • Yes, financial aid is available for AB 540 students. Click here to go to the California Dream Act Application website. 


When is the deadline for the application?

  • March 2nd is the deadline, but you should complete your dream application as soon as possible! You will need copies of the tax form that your parents completed last year. 



In addition to the financial aid that you can get my completing the California Dream Act application, you can get additional money by applying to scholarships.


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