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Get a head start on your college degree by taking community college courses

  • Earn high school and college credit (UC/CSU transferable)!
  • Tuition is free!
  • Open to all grade levels!
  • Strengthen your college application!

Enrollment Steps (visit your counselor if you have questions!)


Step 1: Apply online.  You must do this if you are a first-time college student or if you haven’t taken a course within the past year.


Watch the video here:,  They also provide a file with step-by-step instructions.    About 1-3 days after you apply online, you should receive an LACCD ID number beginning with 900-.  You’ll need this number for step 3.


Step 2: Choose your course.


1) Google the name of the college (LASC, LATTC, LAHC, etc) and “schedule”.   Browse the .pdf schedule file and find courses that interest you!  (Note: you can get a head start on your college degree by viewing the college’s IGETC courses, which satisfy UC and CSU general ed requirements).  View a college’s IGETC list by googling the name of the college and “IGETC”.

2) Now that you know the name and course number of the course you want, use the online schedule search to find sections that are open (green dot beside them).  Check the course dates and course times to make sure they won’t conflict with your schedule.


Step 3: You and your parent submit the Dynamic enrollment form.


After you have an LACCD ID number, you can complete the Dynamic enrollment form.  Both the student and a parent must create a Dynamic forms account.   First the student will complete their Dynamic form, then the parent will receive an email link to sign the form.   After the parent signs the form electronically through the parent Dynamic Forms account, Ms. Jiang will receive an electronic copy to sign.  There are videos on this page with student and parent instructions for LASC:


Directions for Student: Submitting a Dynamic Enrollment form

  • Log into your LACCD portal and click on your "To-do List" (button with an exclamation point).  Here's a video on logging into your portal:
  • Be sure to add Sherry Jiang and email address [email protected] for your school counselor on your Dynamic Form. Otherwise, Ms. Jiang will not receive your enrollment form to sign.  If you don’t see an option to add a counselor, then choose “Other” for school, then type in Middle College High School and Ms. Jiang’s information.
  • Note: your parent can create their own Dynamic forms account by simply googling “Dynamic forms” and clicking “Create New Account”.
  • IMPORTANT: Use your LACCD ID number beginning with 90- on the form - NOT your Middle College ID number!

Watch the second video on this page for more help: Here's another how-to video, this one from LA Valley College:


Step 4: Enroll in the course section you want.


After your Dynamic form processes, you'll be able to choose the class section(s) that you want (the one that meets on the days and times you like best).   To do this, you will need to use the "Manage Classes" feature in your college portal.  To get to the portal, go to the college homepage and click on the "Register for Classes" button in the top right-hand corner.  Note the special instructions on the login screen if you are logging in for the first time.  You will need to use a special password the first time and create a new password of your choosing.  After you've logged in, use this video to guide you through adding your specific class section:


Step 5: Confirm that you are in your course.


Log into your college portal and selecting “Manage Courses” – “View Schedule”.