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MCHS Dual Enrollment


Welcome to Dual Enrollment

The Middle College High School (MCHS) Dual Enrollment Program consists of college classes offered at our school on the campus of Los Angeles Southwest College. This page will provide you with an overview of enrollment procedures and frequently asked questions to help you enroll as a MCHS Dual Enrollment student. You may be eligible to receive both college units and high school credit. Many of our classes also have transfer credit to the University of California and California State University Systems.


We believe that participating in this program will ease the transition from high school to college and encourage you to keep pursuing postsecondary education.


Middle College High School offers students the following choices:

  1. Come to Middle College High School campus and take classes through the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program.
  2. Take college level classes at MCHS through the LASC Dual Enrollment Program.


Before you commit to the Dual Enrollment Program, please:

Recognize that the Dual Enrollment classes are college-level classes. As such, both the material offered by the teacher and the work required of the students is of a much more rigorous and complex caliber than course work in high school.


Remember that the grade you earn will appear on your permanent Los Angeles Southwest College transcript. In order to drop a class, you must abide by all drop deadlines.


Take time to consult with Ms. Howard or Ms. Jiang when enrolling for Dual Enrollment classes. You may also wish to discuss whether or not to continue with one of your classes if you are having difficulty. Don’t wait until it’s too late to let someone know you are having difficulty! Talk to your class instructor or Ms. Howard or Ms. Jiang so you can figure out your best course of action.


Understand that some classes recommend a minimum of two study-hours per week outside of the classroom for every hour per week that the class meets.