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Campus Visitors Policy


All campus visitors must:

  • Schedule an appointment with the teacher or appropriate staff member by telephone or e-mail, or by completing the Request for Parent Visit form in the Main Office indicating the staff member and the date and time requested for the visit. Visits are to be scheduled at least one full school day in advance to allow for teacher notification. The school day extends from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Sign in at the front door of the Administration Building when arriving on campus.
  • Obtain from the Main Office, and prominently display on their person, a visitor’s pass approved by an administrator or administrative designee before proceeding to the designated location on campus, and return the pass and sign out upon departure.
  • Determine the classroom activity they wish to observe and keep the classroom observation time and frequency within reasonable limits. Observations will be during the class period of the student unless the teacher and parent/guardian agree to an observation of the teacher’s other classes.
  • Enter and leave the classroom as quietly as possible. 
  • Not converse with the students, teacher and/or instructional aides during the visitation.
  • Not interfere with any school activity during the visitation.
  • Not disrupt or cause disorder to any class, office, or school activities.

Any individual who disrupts a school site or fails to follow school rules and /or procedures is subject to removal from the school site and may be further restricted from visiting the school.