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What is a Scholarship?

  • A scholarship is free money that never has to be paid back. It is usually based on a characteristic, ability, or achievement. It is intended to help students further their education.
  • Most local scholarships open in the Spring.  Please read additional scholarship criteria on the applications CAREFULLY to make sure you're eligible!


Scholarship Search Engines Lots of scholarships for high school seniors Large number of scholarships and grants in the United States


Scholarship Buddy - California: This site has scholarships that are only for CA students!


GoingMerry: One of the most popular new scholarship sites, includes a good list of scholarship for CA students 


Scholarships360: A really good scholarship search engine


Congressional Hispanic Caucus: Very good resource that allows you to customize your list of scholarships.


Fastweb: Huge scholarship website


SmartScholar: Scholarship site that allows you to search by various characteristics


CollegeXpress: Good site with scholarship listings and other college information  Made by and for high school students!